Sermon Manuscripts

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serad194 Discipleship Displays God’s Plan
serad193 Discipleship Displays God’s People


serad152a 5 Smooth Stones for Effective Parents
serad152 The Power of the Cross – Priorities of Life

serad151 The Power of the Cross – Proclaims Life

serad150 The Power of the Cross – Public Display of Darkness

serad147 The Power of the Cross – Power in Weakness

serad146 Power of the Cross – Proclamation of Forgiveness

serad145 Impact of One – Tongues and Thumbs

serad143 Impact of One – Prayer

serad142 Impact of One – Question

serad141 Impact of One – Meal

serad140 Impact of One – Body

serad137 Impact of One – Faith

serad136 Impact of One – Evil

serad135 Impact of One – Missions

serad131 Biblical Answers to Stressors – Time

serad130 Steadfast Living – Rescued

serad125 Steadfast Living – Kindled

serad124 Steadfast Living – Obedience

serad123 Steadfast Living – Approved

serad122 Steadfast Living – Faithful

serad121b Like Son Like Father

serad121a Grad Service The Power of Finger Prints

serad121 Mission Statement – Experience His Compassion

serad120 Mission Statement – Everyone

serad118 Mission Statement – In Christ

serad117 Mission Statement – Forgiveness

serad116 Mission Statement – Love and Forgiveness

serad115 Mission Statement – Has Shown Us

serad114 Mission Statement – Because God

serad106 You Asked for It – How About Animals

serad105 You Asked for It – Here’s Jesus

serad104 You Asked for It – Hour Glass Christians

serad103 You Asked for It – Heavenly Beings

serad102 You Asked for It – Heaven and Hell

serad101 You Asked for It – Honest Relationships

serad100 You Asked for It – Home Sense

serad098 You Asked for It – Human Sexuality

serad096 You Asked for It – Holy Living

serad095 You Asked for It – Help! Life’s Not Fair

serad094 You Asked for It – Heavenly Mercy

serad093 You Asked for It – Holy Benefits

 serad092 God’s NTW

serad091 God’s NTR

serad090 God’s NTB

serad083 God’s Purpose – Worship

serad082 God’s Purpose – Abundant Love

serad081 God’s Purpose – Declaring God’s Wonderful Deeds

serad080 God’s Purpose – Impacting Our World

serad078 God’s Purpose – Revealing the Mystery